Our mission

Door Deals provides affordable, effective advertising through high-quality multi-advertiser door hangers delivered directly to 10,000 consumers in targeted areas each month. Featuring 22 advertisers, the jumbo 27 x 7 inch door hanger demands attention.

Our main purpose is to help local companies find sustained business. Our success in this area is due largely to our commitment to customer service. We also strive to bring meaningful contributions to the community, and hope to empower other people through entrepreneurship.


5 Fantastic Reasons
To Place Your Ad With Us

  • Affordable Advertising
    > > > > >
    use your money wisely
  • Category Exclusive
    > > > > >
    eliminate competition
  • Maximum Exposure
    > > > > >
    reach your audience
  • Measurable Results
    > > > > >
    see your success
  • Professional Design
    > > > > >
    catch attention
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It’s truly unique

Door Deals has been able to thrive even amid a difficult economy, due to the exceptional nature of the product. The high quality door hanger gives clients an affordable means of promoting business that they’ve probably never seen before. Results are immediately measurable, so clients know their precious advertising dollars go to great use.

It’s profitable

Most dealerships are able to turn a profit within the first few months of operation. Within the first year, most expand. Door Deals will be with you every step of the way to help guide you into growth.

It’s turn-key

You don’t need an office space, designers or employees to run your business. Most dealers manage at least 2 profitable territories alone before expanding and adding help.

It’s helping out

One of the benchmarks of the dD business model is a mutually-beneficial relationship with community fundraising partners. Check out what dD has done with Teen Challenge partners across the country here.